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Welcome to my new blog !

Writing is one of my favorite hobbies, and, with the use of writing my ideas and projects down, I decided to put my personal blog back on tracks !

On this website, you will mainly find :

  • Opiniated articles on the IT industry (mainly in France)
  • Articles on technologies
  • Projects on which I am working

Like every portfolio, personal website and technical blog out there, some of my articles will be cross-published on external websites like and some RSS feeds, so don’t worry if you find some of my articles on :)

By the way, how does your blog work ? #

It’s quite simple actually. Well, it hasn’t always been the case. Many years ago, I developed my first blog using Laravel, PHP and MySQL, you know, the classical stuff. It was a great experience, and to this day, I don’t regret it one bit. But, it became quickly a mess to maintain and keep up to date, which was my major problem with my websites back in the day.

For this instance of the website, I decided to look down and seek simplicity. In 2022, it has become important to me to host simple services and write un-bloated code. To achieve this goal, I went down the rabbit hole of the JAMstack and chose Hugo as the “backend” for this website.

Hugo is a framework that is using “Static Site Generating” (SSG) technologies to translate Markdown syntax in HTML/CSS layouts with themes, functions at build, and all that good stuff.

No database, no Java, no PHP in the way to give the maintainers headaches. But I will definitely be writing about that some time later!

By the way, this website is fully open-source and you can retrieve its source code there :

Please note that English is not my first language and I also have a French edition of this website at